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Our Story was started by an oilfield worker for oilfield workers

In 2011 I found myself in a position of being required to purchase a $95.00 pair of FR coveralls. This did not sit well with me or my budget. Begrudgingly I bought my coveralls and went back to work. As I traveled around working in different states I saw all ranges of prices. Most of the prices starting at "outrageous" and some as high as "highway robbery".  Looking for a better solution I was able to purchase a large quantity of used FR clothing. With a borrowed trailer I was off to save some money. I called most everyone I worked with past and present. Having all ranges of sizes in the first order I was able to fit most everyone I contacted. 

From humble beginnings I set out to save myself and my coworkers some money on our FR's. What had been just a desire to save a few dollars has grown into an online business. We are now a full time family business. My wife joined the team in 2012. Well, she was always on the team but now she is on the payroll. 

We are now located in Slaton, TX just off of the square. If you’re in the neighborhood stop by.